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    5 easy steps to success
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    5 easy steps to success

    Search for #Contacts, recognise #Opportunities, build #Relationships, focus on profitable #Business and provide quality #Support!

    1. Search for
    and create contacts

    Quality contacts are the key to successful addressing.

    První krok - Kontakty

    Up-to-date contacts above all

    The key part of successful communication with potential or existing customers is quality contact information. CORIPO allows you to create, update or, for example, load contacts from publicly available records such as ARES or verify them in the Insolvency Register (ISIR).

    While creating the Interested Parties, Companies or Contacts, the mechanisms implemented allow, for example, for checking for duplicates or merging the existing records. With those functionalities, you will always have fresh and clean insights into your database, and your directory will thus become a quality support for further marketing activities and business.

    Variety of sources

    Sources of quality contacts are available all around. We can acquire them from marketing databases, on the Internet or, for example, from the LEADY.CZ service or by automated upload via web forms from our own websites.

    Our CRM is ready to provide you with data from those sources and provide quality information for creating or updating your contact information.

    2. Recognise
    and develop opportunities

    Recognise and develop your opportunities!

    Druhý krok - Příležitosti

    The opportunities, their priority, time span and the range of products being sold actually tells us how PROSPECTIVE the particular business is, its potential for GROWTH and, in fact, whether it will SURVIVE on the market and have the resources to pay its EXPENSES.

    Finding and managing Opportunities is therefore our most important task within CRM.

    The Opportunity management process is fully supported by the solutions we create, starting from:

    • the identification based on defined signs
    • the financial assessment through
    • the development through activities up to
    • the successful implementation in the form of orders and invoicing.

    3. Build relationships
    through activities

    With the integrated tools for managing activities, contacts can be addressed in a targeted manner.

    Třetí krok - vztahy

    Targeted activities for faster communication

    CORIPO is a system that allows you to create various activities related to your contact base, from phone calls to emails, tasks to meetings, and to monitor the performance and, in particular, how successful they are.

    The scheduled and pending activities under individual contacts can be viewed in the history and also in a friendly calendar.

    Thanks to the synchronisation with different devices, you are no longer platform-dependent and you can process your activities anywhere and on any device.

    Reach a large number of contacts through Campaigns

    Within CRM, you can contact your recorded contacts collectively through emailing or telephone Campaigns and monitor how successful those campaigns were, who received the email, who read it or who showed interest in your services and products thanks to the campaign.

    To create quality campaigns, you need to have basic information about your contacts, the so-called segmentation information that will help you choose the right contacts to address according to defined criteria. The segmentation criteria can be automatically updated using results from both, the campaigns and the financial systems.

    The campaign activities are also possible through external systems such as MailChimp or a Call Centre, which we can connect to CRM.

    4. Make profitable business
    and measure its performance

    Managing an overall business cycle is a logical requirement for CRM systems

    Čtvrtý krok - Obchody

    From Opportunity to Invoice

    CORIPO is a comprehensive business system that allows you to easily complete the entire business process, from:

    • inquiries, or possible business Opportunities, through
    • creation of Offers and their possible revisions, to
    • Orders,
    • and the resulting Invoices.

    The records of the Offers, Orders and Invoices crated can be transferred to your financial system such as Money, Pohoda, ABRA, NAVISION and others. Thanks to this link, do not have to manually copy the records anymore, you avoid errors and save time.

    This functionality supports various Price Lists with links to Products. The Offers or Invoices created can be printed, for example to PDF, and emailed directly from CRM, and thus you have an overview of the entire communication with your customers.

    From Opportunity to Invoice

    Being able to monitor what is going on, to analyse and adjust your procedures to target groups, and therefore the entire market, is a basic requirement for any CRM system.

    Our CORIPO allows you to perform effective analyses with our built-in analytical tools.

    CORIPO pro mobil

    5. Provide
    excellent support

    Successful sales is just the beginning…

    Pátý krok - Podpora

    Excellent support will keep your customers

    It takes time and hassle to find a customer, but it costs no less effort to keep this relationship going.

    With an excellent and proper support you reassure your customers of being well taken care of. They can also be sure they have chosen the right solution or service provider and it also helps to create other new business opportunities.

    Our solution allows you to manage support processes using Requests and to share the Requests with customers through an external portal.

    Should you wish to use a different help-desk system, such as Freshdeskor Mantis and others, we will make it possible for you to connect to these, and to have a comprehensive overview of activities with your customers.

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