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    Monitoring of planned construction projects

    What are Istav Media and Istav Explorer?

    The company Istav Media, s.r.o. has been the provider of complete monitoring data of the Czech and Slovak construction markets since 1995.

    “We have the most comprehensive database of planned construction projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia” – is how they describe their business.

    All identified information on construction projects are provided using the Istav Explorer application. Users of the Istav Explorer thus have the opportunity to search for comprehensive information about planned construction projects and use the information obtained for their business activities when selling products.

    How does it all work?

    1. Data is the main focus

      The required source data on the planned construction projects is stored in the Istav Explorer, which is updated on a regular basis by the Istav Media employees. Here, the Users from the customer companies can search for objects of interest for further business contact.

      In Istav Explorer, views can be created according to the requested search parameters to display the Construction projects of interest.

    2. Automated import

      As part of the solution, we have created a link between CORIPO and Istav Explorer through which CORIPO receives the data automatically.

      This eliminates the laborious manual re-entering of the data from Istav Explorer for further processing, and hence very common errors are avoided.

    3. Comprehensive overview

      The data imported into CORIPO is automatically structured as: Companies, Contacts and Construction projects. Links are made between the records so created. The imported Construction projects are assigned locations and affiliations to the Regions and, moreover, Companies and Contacts are checked for duplicates while being imported, and links are created between the imported records.

      Such links will give a full idea of who is the contractor of what Construction projects, who is the designer and so on. This information is crucial for further marketing and business activities.

    4. Processing

      In CORIPO, you can set up processes to handle the imported information. For example, you can assign the Construction projects to regions and then to the Sales Representatives in charge of the respective regions, and then send them notifications immediately to let them know that they have a record in the system to take care of, or set alerts if the record has been idle for a long time.

      Thanks to those automated features, it will not happen that a record is processed incorrectly or even unnoticed, and you will make the most of all the information obtained.

    5. Informed to win

      CORIPO-based information is the starting point for further business or marketing activities. Traders have the opportunity to decide whether or not a given Construction project is of interest for their business.

      Therefore, they can identify business Opportunities, create respective Offers, monitor their development and communicate with customers.

      With such an overall insight, they have the best information and prerequisites for winning interesting contracts and becoming the best.


    • Automated import from Istav Explorer - you do not have to constantly monitor the arising Construction projects any longer
    • You will not miss anything - immediate automatic notification of newly created records
    • No errors - without manual re-entering from Istav, you simply do not make any mistake anymore
    • Automated processing - in CRM predefined processes will help you to process information automatically
    • Better use of information - the links give you an overview of who is building what, when and how

    CORIPO snapshots

    The “Construction Details” provides basic specifications of the construction project, such as the site location, planning, project progress, the investor, designer or the general contractor.

    You can view the location of a specific site on the map by simply clicking at this view.

    A clear map of all Construction projects located in CORIPO with an option of colour marking of the individual project type.

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