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    We are a partner of major Czech and international organisations.

    Our choice of CRM was based on the implementation time and the ease integration into our other systems. We have not only good personal contacts with ACMARK, but they managed to convince us with their expertise at the tender stage. After working together for several years, we definitely do not regret our choice.

    Štěpán Mrázek

    It is great to have all your current data in one place. Experts from ACMARK are always available and ready to assist us in the development of our CRM.

    Maroš Karabinoš
    Sales and Marketing Director

    We prefer simple and fun solutions in our work, and this is what we get from the CRM. We appreciate its huge customisation potential and outstanding customer support.

    Radek Neumann
    business development manager

    Zábavné učení
    ... the users and my team leader told me, that we will finally have a sophisticated and modern complaint processing system ...

    Michal Jenis
    Project Expert

    Slovak parcel service
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