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    Function Start CORIPO
    System base (see description below for base content)
    User support: Help desk
    User support: Hot-line
    for a fee
    Web services, API
    Operation – cloud based
    Operation – private cloud ano, příplatkové yes, for a fee
    Operation – own server
    yes, on request
    Mobile CRM
    Data space on a cloud server without limits without limits
    Function Start CORIPO
    Interested parties - these are the potential customers who have interacted with your CRM, for example, via a web form. After they are found fit for your purpose, they can be converted to Companies, Contacts and Opportunities.
    Companies - you have the option to upload segmentation and contact data for Companies, including their insolvency verification status (ISIR) or download identification data from the register of economic entities (ARES).
    Activities - these include: Phone Calls, Appointments, Tasks. All these can be easily registered in CORIPO and the activities can be planned accordingly.
    Calendar - activities that the users schedule in the system can be clearly displayed in the calendar and its views or in a calendar shared by multiple users.
    Opportunities - Opportunities – the business potential is recorded and monitored in a form of Opportunities. Statistics and dashboards for graphical display of the potential are also available there.
    Offers - part of the business process is also creating Offers in which Products from the catalogue can be added and any text content can be attached. The Offers can be created in multiple languages and sent as e-mail attachments. It is also possible to use templates for creating the Offers or to compile printable reports and export them to PDF files, for example.
    Products - within CRM you can register Products and their details such as: price, units, etc. The Products can then be used in Offers, Orders and Invoices.
    Orders - they can be created, for example, from the Offers, where the Products of the Offers are also be added or they can be compiled manually.
    Invoices - Invoices are again created manually or from Orders or Offers. Every Invoice contains lines that are linked to Products or Economic Centres.
    Sales plan - within CRM, it is possible to compile Sales plans for individual Companies and Products depending on the period, and then create reports for evaluating the performance.
    E-mail client - a completely new and redesigned e-mail client that is clear and streamlines handling of e-mails. The email client is "separate" from the system, so you have to decide which email to upload into the CRM.
    Projects - CORIPO enables basic recording of Projects, including their Tasks and assignment of Activities.
    Cases - you can use CORIPO to manage service Cases. This is a basic record without more complex functions.
    Documents - CORIPO also allows for uploading Documents and creating directory structures.
    Marketing lists - a Marketing list is a compilation of respondents you may want to address through various communication channels and messages. The following can be added to the Marketing list: Interested parties and Contacts.
    Events/campaigns - within CRM, you can also organise Marketing events and campaigns such as telemarketing, emailing actions or trade fairs and presentation events, and to record the information from them or to make contacts using various communication channels. A basic evaluation of events is also included.
    Reports and compilations - use search features to create data views and optimised reports and compilations.
    Graphs - preconfigured Graphs and reports are available, which can be used within the entire system, are also provided.
    Google integration -as part of the basic package, you can also connect CORIPO to your Google account and synchronise, for example, appointments or contacts.
    Web services, API - web services and API, available from the basic version, are also the standard of the solution.
    Work Flow - included are also the basic Work Flows which enable operations after changing the value of a field, such as sending an email or changing the value of another field. yes, paid module yes, paid module
    Customisation - the system has an administration dashboard where system modifications can be made.
    Mobile CRM - Mobile CRM in the basic configuration which can be extended on request and at a fee.
    Server space for data storage - as part of running the solution on our server, you also have unlimited space for your data. without limits without limits

    Frequently asked questions

    The license price for the use of the system is always payable monthly after the end of the month.

    You pay per number of users who actually logged in to the system at least once in a month. This means that if a user is registered with the system but did not log on in a given month, the license fee will not be charged. The system administrator can assign and remove User access as needed through the administration dashboard.

    The regular system support is available on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    In most cases, it is provided via the Help-desk system. The customer emails a request which is recorded and then addressed.

    A hot-line service, i.e. support on the phone, is also available. However, this service is agreed with the customer according to the request and at an extra fee. The hot-line is available to key users or administrators of the customer systems.

    CORIPO is a system that can be run on customer-owned servers. However, this is allowed only in exceptional circumstances, when the customer has very serious reasons for doing so. Every case is assessed separately.

    We deliver the mobile version of CORIPO with the basic configuration. Any possible customisation is paid extra.

    The system is run in the so-called Cloud. Customers with more demanding needs have the opportunity to set up a Private Cloud that meets their particular requirements. See System operation for detailed information on how the system works.

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