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    Automate sales, marketing and support functions which consume valuable time!
    This way you can use your precious time for dealing with customers who bring real profit. With CORIPO, you can develop optimised workflows to help reduce the amount of manual data entry and rewriting, thus eliminating errors, speeding up and improving the quality of the business process.

    Správa zájemců

    Managing interested parties

    Teach your system to identify and qualify interested parties who will become potential customers. At CORIPO, you have their contact details and processes available that will monitor timely contact and full use of their potential.
    Řízení příležitostí

    Opportunity management

    Make more successful deals (Opportunities) in less time. CORIPO allows you to monitor at what stage your Opportunities, and the relevant Offers, are. It will let you predict which of the Opportunities are the winning ones!
    Správa kontaktů

    Contact management

    Get, store and update information on your customers, connect with them across communication channels and build strong relationships.


    Each time a user performs an operation on a record or changes a value in a field, the system is expected to report such change or perform another operation. This is what the WorkFlow is for.


    Get access to all calendars from one system. You will not forget of your appointments or tasks anymore, and you will always know exactly where to be.
    G-Suite a Office 365

    G-Suite a Office 365

    With the integration of CORIPO, G-suite and Office 365, you can work broadly with CRM without having to switch to other systems.
    Nabídky a finance

    Offers and Finance

    Create Offers, Invoices and Orders. Thanks to the broad access to the information contained in CORIPO, you will find those routines easier and more flexible than with ERP.
    Plán prodeje

    Sales plan

    Refine your sales forecasts! Make sales plans, predict future sales, and evaluate them against the real outcome.

    Process management (Work Flow)

    Does your sales team know what to do at each stage of the business process?
    With the  Work Flow Manager, your sales team can figure out the next step to take at any time and get the right information they need.

    Tvořte procesy

    Create processes

    Bring your real sales, marketing, implementation and service activities to your CRM and turn them into a WorkFlow to help automate activities.
    Role v procesech

    Roles in processes

    By assigning processes to their actual owners you can be sure that the required information will reach the relevant sales representative who approves discounts and verifies sales data based on defined criteria.
    Řízení procesů

    Process control

    Get clean data in your CRM. Define how your team will review the incoming information and approve or reject relevant comments based on their quality.

    Multichannel communication

    Communicate in real time with the interested parties and customers!
    Get notified when someone contacts your business, whether they visit your website, read emails, or mention it on social media.



    Process emails with CORIPO. Send and receive e-mails, assign e-mails to CRM records.

    Telephone service

    Connect to your telephone service provider to call directly from CORIPO. Schedule calls, make calls and save call records.
    Sociální Media

    Social media

    Track what people say about your business in the virtual world, and automatically capture new potential social media customers who have not been recorded in your CRM yet.
    Klientské portály

    Customer portals

    Make it easier for your customers to access information through a self-service portal where they can view your products and make purchases.


    Create user groups/teams, share records in the system, or simply make notes and share them with other team members. All your team will have useful information from anywhere.

    Týmová spolupráce


    The integration extends the basic functionalities of CORIPO. We offer a variety of integration solutions for third-party applications which you use every day, including Google Drive, Office 365, MailChimp, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Facebook and more.


    Integrate marketing and sales information into one tool!
    Get new potential customers, run targeted email marketing campaigns, and compare the expenses on advertising against the revenue.

    Zákaznická segmentace

    Customer segmentation

    Segment your contacts and focus personalised campaigns on them to improve your ROI on marketing campaigns.
    Pečujte o Zájemce

    Care of the Interested Parties

    Strengthen the relationships with the potential customers by sending them suitable offers.
    Google Ads Integrace

    Google Ads integration

    Compare Google advertising campaigns to sales and track your expenses. This is how you can establish which campaigns work and which don't.
    Správa Kampaní a Akcí

    Campaign and Promotion management

    With CRM, you can plan promotions and campaigns, communicate with participants, send invitations to events, and evaluate results.


    You always need to know how successful your business is!
    Measure the performance of each sales activity and allocate quotas to achievable goals with reports, analyses and forecasts.



    With system reports based on real-time data access you can track sales trends, develop marketing campaigns, or just create simple data overviews in the system.
    Analytické Komponenty

    Analytical components

    With CORIPO you can create dashboards composed of various charts and lists. You can compile the key performance indicators and monitor their growth and have an overview of how your business develops.
    Externí nástroje

    External tools

    You can also use CORIPO simply as a powerful and highly reliable data source and perform your analyses, for example with PowerBI or other tools.


    Every business is unique and your CRM should reflect that.
    Combine different functions and make a CRM suit your business needs. The information you collect and the way you view it, or even the language and currency used can all be adapted to your needs.

    Rozložení prvků

    Layout of elements

    Create on-screen element layouts for different processes and user groups, control what data enters your CRM.
    Vlastní prvky

    Custom elements

    Edit the information that you want to see within the CRM. You can create customised modules, fields or buttons.
    Pohledy a filtry

    Views and filters

    View the information you really need and find it easily with custom views and advanced filters that are fast and simple to create.
    Po celém světě

    Anywhere in the world

    Provide your team with multilingual and currency support so you can sell to customers around the globe.


    Your security is our top priority!
    We understand that every organisation needs the right balance between data protection and user comfort in order to do its business. CORIPO ensures both.

    Role, profily a týmy

    Roles, Profiles and Teams

    Assign roles to users, define permissions, and control access to information, e.g. through teams.
    Bezpečnost informací

    Information security

    We have a security system in place that perfectly protects your data from corruption.


    CORIPO includes a set of features to ensure that the data you collect or store complies with the relevant data protection legislation.

    For developers

    Make integrations with CORIPO!
    Create customisation features for CORIPO and develop applications for the web and mobile devices. Use the CORIPO development platform and SDKs to develop and deploy secure, scalable, and customised solutions.



    Connect your CORIPO to any third-party application and enable unattended transfers of data and information that you can conveniently use for processes, evaluation, etc.


    Write an event-driven and server-based Deluge, Java, Node.js, or Python code to work with CORIPO data and workflows.
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