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    CORIPO CRM is an employee
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    We are ACMARK: Manage your data with us but in your own way!

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    CORIPO CRM is a comprehensive and integrated customer relationship management solution.

    Thanks to thorough customization, it is truly compatible with your business.

    It is multifunctional and foresees the future.

    It increases profit by up to 26 %.

    Explore the features!

    Where are the clients born?

    The cornerstone of a successful business is proper marketing. CORIPO will help you manage marketing activities including ad campaigns, sales promotion and PR.

    Quickly and easily thanks to sophisticated features and automatization!

    Control your sales!

    CORIPO is able to recognize sales opportunities before you do. Stay up to date on what’s happening on the market and win by a country mile over your competitors. 

    See the future and let your sales grow exponentially!

    Are you nurturing your existing clients?

    New customer is the most expensive one for you. Provide the best services to your existing customers and build loyal relationships.

    CORIPO will make your activities run smoothly. All your processes will be organized and flawless.

    Good things come to those who work with economic records!

    CORIPO deals with orders, invoices, products and payments brilliantly. It can issue an invoice, import it from other systems and also connect itself to online banking.

    With high-quality economic records your marketing and business is going to shine!

    It takes two to tango…

    …or even more. CORIPO is compatible with several systems. Thanks to the automatic connection, you don’t even have to import data manually. You can connect CORIPO and other systems using the API.

    Make your life easier with an extroverted CRM system.

    Get your data under control!

    With CORIPO all your data will be processed synoptically and in one place. You will be able to recognize and predict trends.

    Furthermore, CORIPO is compatible with external reporting tools.

    Don’t miss the boat!

    Since CORIPO is located in the cloud, you will have access to all your information from literally anywhere. 

    Laptop, mobile phone, tablet, cafe, train or beach? CORIPO is still here for you.

    You can always get what you want!

    The base of CORIPO is first-rate. However, it is still open to any type of modification you could desire. 

    We will be pleased to fulfill your wishes.

    Why us?

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    Owners and managers

    CORIPO makes all the internal company activities transparent. Owners and managers are able to monitor, evaluate and plan them. In addition, CORIPO provides an overview of ad campaigns and their effectiveness and of development of business potential.

    Business professionals and consultants

    CORIPO is a powerful assistant in business activities. It provides an overview of business potential and invoicing. Furthermore, CORIPO knows about possible and upcoming problems and it is going to help you solve them gracefully.

    Real estate agents

    CORIPO is a real estate expert. It keeps track of supply, demand and tour organizations. It also stores information of past development. Who, when, where and for how much? No more doubts!

    Bankers, financial advisors and insurance brokers

    CORIPO is perfect for building contacts with clients. It knows exactly how the creating and offering of financial strategies is evolving. It is a teammate with whom you always win!

    Marketing and public relations professionals

    Every marketing move you make with CORIPO by your side is just a ticket. Thanks to the customer segmentation and prediction of the future development, each of your ad campaigns will be effective and relevant.

    Service and customer support

    CORIPO is empathetic to your customers. It understands their needs and difficulties. Thanks to CORIPO, service and customer support are able to take care of customers better than the competitors. In addition, you will find a reliable service guide in your CORIPO!

    CRM is available from anywhere at any time, regardless of the platform.

    We are here for you!

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